Working Drawings

Once the scheme or design has been agreed and the relevant planning approval received, detailed working drawings are required. There are drawings taken to the next level of information, used as a construction guide, for tendering the project to contractors and submitted to the building control department for approval.

These drawings are larger scale drawings fully dimensioned and annotated, a typical pack will generally include the following but are very much job specific;

1:50 scale General Arrangement floor plans,
1:50 scale Sub structure and drainage plans,
1:50 / 1:100 scale building elevations,
1:50 scale roof and joist plans,
1:200 scale site plan and drainage plan,
1:50 / 1:20 scale sections and construction notes / specification,
1:10 /1:20 typical / feature and key details
1:50 indicative small power electrical layout, (lighting, power & mech vents)

It is also at this stage we often need to co-ordinate our drawings with other consultant’s information such as Structural Engineers and energy assessors, and we do this on a regular basis.
We pride ourselves on producing clear, detailed information in an effort to limit site queries and issues, general feedback from contractors is very positive about the quality of drawing information provided.

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